Are MOOCs the Future of Online Education?

MOOC, short for Massive Open Online Courses, seems to be the buzz word du jour these days, but what is all the buzz about?

Did you know that $400 billion a year is spent on U.S. universities?
That’s more than the annual revenues of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Twitter combined! All educational institutions want a piece of that pie and MOOCs could jeopardize that. Check out some more stats:

  • 43.4% of MOOC students areĀ undergraduate university and 40.2% areĀ postgraduates
  • 10 million is the estimated number of students who have taken at least one MOOC
  • 28% of MOOCs come from the U.S., and at a distant second, 11% from the U.K., and there are some surprising countries in the top 10 including: Brazil, Greece and Russia!

For more check out the infographic below from our friends at Best Colleges Online:



4 thoughts on “Are MOOCs the Future of Online Education?

  1. Indeed MOOCs in the future.As the name suggests(massive. The content that is available for any course is enormous.It is the desire for any professional that his/her student can reviewed as much content and critics. At the end of the course, we anticipate that student can reflect the his acquired schema.


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