8 tips on engaging learners in your course


As we all know from our experience at school, we can learn a lot even when we are not engaged. Students get something out of school even if they sit idle through classes.

But as we also know from our experience, especially in university, that’s not enough, and, for the more demanding courses, it’s often a non starter. Being engaged in, rather than merely attending, our courses, multiplies our understanding of the material, our memory, and, as a result, our knowledge acquisition.

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The Value of Student-Directed Learning


With more people telecommuting these days, it only makes sense that teachers and scholars would do the same through student-directed learning.

Perhaps you have seen recent advertising campaigns pointing at home-schooling opportunities now available for K-12 students, in addition to those curriculums offered at online colleges and universities. This reiterates a growing trend for learning online and the concept of student-directed learning is changing the traditional classroom environment.

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LMS tools to help you assess your students’ progress

Exceptional Rating

Tests, quizzes, homework, lab exercises, exams. Not exactly pleasant memories from your school years (heck, some people even have nightmares with them, years after they left school), those are some of the typical tools teachers use to assess what their students have learned.

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Escaping boredom in your online courses


If you’re like most people, when you remember your school or university days, you’ll agree than the biggest obstacle in getting good grades was not some innate learning deficiency or a lack of skills in some particular subject but simple lack of attention.To put it bluntly most of the time you were bored out of your mind.It’s ok. We all were. Escaping boredom though is an art that we can master.

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The death of the functionality matrices


Functionality matrices. If you work in enterprise and evaluate software for purchasing you can’t miss them. I’m talking about those ubiquitous spreadsheet like grids that list products on one dimension and features on the other, with ticks for every feature a product has.
Vendors love to tout their offerings against the competition in this form, and review sites love using them in comparison reviews. Heck, even a lot of buyers swear by them. There’s only a little problem: they’re completely useless, and can also be downright deceptive. Why? Read on to find out,as this is the very topic of today’s blog post. Continue reading

Algorithmically generated content. The future of e-learning?


As an e-learning course designer or as the person responsible for the LMS in your organization, the hardest part of your job is content creation. It’s a repetitive and time-consuming task that requires a deep understanding of the subject matter combined with continuous assessment of the needs of your students.
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8 Video Tips to enhance your e-learning courses


A picture is worth a thousand words, the saying goes. Imagine then what a full blown, 24 frames per second, video is worth. Whatever your niche, from internal courses for your enterprise’s employees to music tuition, if properly used, video can be a very effective weapon in your arsenal. In this post we’ll have a look at how e-learning educators can effectively create and utilize video to enhance their courses (8 video tips).
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6 tips for making your e-learning content look current


In this ongoing series of posts, kickstarted with our “10 Graphic Design tips for e-learning educators“, we try to provide you with the required know-how for improving the look and feel of your e-learning content. In our last post we talked about the use of images and illustration. In this one we’ll be discussing modern graphic design trends.

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